Search Engine Optimization is a method and technique to promote your website on the internet. SEO is the best method and way to get all the attention from the public who is available online on the network. You will get all the chances to show case all kind of service which you provide and thus you have chance to get great business leads for it.

Beware before you pick the SEO service from any service provider just makes sure that you have to be in the queue of persons who have knowledge about the full package. So let us take you in deep that what actually 10 things should be there in your SEO Package:

  1. ON Page SEO Service
  2. OFF Page SEO Service
  3. White Hat SEO Techniques
  4. Keywords and their density and Competency
  5. Analytical tools
  6. SEO Optimized articles
  7. Blog
  8. Social Media Linkup buttons on the website
  9. Site Map
  10. Link building and link submission

ON Page SEO Service:

It all starts from the website and your pages are optimize as per the need and requirement of the various search engines. The website’s title should have all the necessary keywords and descriptions. All needed Meta tags and tags should be used on the page appropriately.

OFF Page SEO Service:

The off page SEO Service includes link building, blog posting, blog commenting, link building and making the page at least that much friendly that the crawler could read it.

White Hat SEO Techniques:

The package should always have White Hat SEO Techniques only for the best long lasting results because black hat techniques will give you quick results but as soon as the search engine will detect it you page could even be out of the SERP.

Keywords and their competency and density:

Keywords play the most important role in the complete cycle of SEO. Keywords should be used on the webpage as per the guidelines of the Search engines like Bing, Google etc and it should not be densely populated on the web page. So you should always try to check its competency also that What the competency of the keywords is if top websites are using the same keywords in different ways for better ranking.

Analytical Tools:

You should get proper analytical tools for your website so that you can analyze that SEO techniques are working in right direction and you are getting traffic and unique visitors globally.

SEO Optimized Articles:

Once you wish to make your website SEO Friendly, you should also be ready with SEO Friendly articles that are enriched with those kinds of keywords that people generally use to search through.

Blog Page:

People love reading the blogs generally so you should have a blog page where you can regularly do the blog posting.

Social Media Linkup buttons:

If you have social media linkup buttons on your website or blog then it will be best way to share thing on social media and drive traffic from there.

Site Map:

There should be a site map in your website so that crawler can easily display all your web pages on the search engine results pages.

Link building and Link Submission:

Link Building and Link Submission should always be there if you wish to drive traffic from external links and websites.


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